'Walking Billboards'

"If you are going to be a walking billboard, at least be transparent about it."

From a very young age, I have been uncomfortable with wearing branded clothing

My mother and I share a distinct memory from my childhood where I requested she stop buying me 'Old Navy' clothing because "their clothing just has big logos on it and I don't like feeling like a walking billboard".

I respect the hustle for people that have vested interests in promoting brands. I'm not one to judge how another person makes their ends meet in this capitalistic hellhole society.

And I will maintain respect for others who may not ever understand the depth of what I'm preaching -- or simply 'do not care'; however, I personally am not comfortable using my body to promote major corporation brands who sneakily play a large factor in the injustices "we the {working class} people" face.

So, Unspiral the Clothing Designer was born.

An individual who believes they have a chance to help 'wake up' the population to subliminal messaging -- starting with the significance of using your bodies to promote major corporations, regardless of whether your a celebrity, a nurse, a school teacher, or a student. 

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